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EU (Non-UK) students:

Arrangements For The Payment of Fees

EU (Non-UK) & International Students:

2015: Bachelor programmes

The fees (* unconfirmed) for one academic year of undergraduate study will vary according to the institution.  This is a guide

only: please check the exact fee with the appropriate institution.

Institution                                                EU U/G Fee Bursary? Loan? International U/G Fee
Amity University £6,000* NA Yes £9,000*
Birmingham City University £9,000 Yes Yes £11,500
Select English Various NA NA Various
City College, Bolton £6,000* Yes Yes
Coventry University £8,331 No Yes £10,766
Coventry University (London) £8,743 No Yes £11,250
Derby University £8,500 No Yes £10,445
Dublin International Foundation College (DIFC) €10,950 Yes No €10,950
EThames Graduate School £6,000 NA Yes £4,500
Huddersfield University £9,000 No Yes £12,500


London School of Business & Management £6,000 Yes Yes £9,000


London School of Business & Finance £9,000 NA Yes £11,500



Northumbria University

£9,000 No Yes £12,500

Sunderland University (London Campus)

£6,600* Yes# Yes £9,500* #




£9,000 Yes Yes £11,950
University of Wales Trinity St David £9,000 Maybe Yes
University of Wales Swansea Metropolitan £9,000 Maybe Yes
University of  Ulster £6,000 No Yes L=£9,500
(London & Birmingham Campuses) B=£8,500


Students applying to a university who do not have an academic bachelor’s degree when they begin their studies in Britain do not have to pay the fees in advance. Rather they are payable in instalments only after the student has completed all studies and obtained employment. Students take out an inflation-linked + 3% loan from the British Government` to cover the fees.

  1. Students who have already obtained an academic bachelor’s degree, but wish to study for a further bachelor’s degree in Britain, are not entitled to the government loan .


In addition, they are not entitled to most of the bursaries/scholarships that might be available to students who are entitled to apply for the loan.  The tuition fees for these students for one academic year of study may be the same as for those students described in paragraph 1. The situation for students from the Baltic States is rather different: please contact us for further information.

The loan for deferred fees is only repayable, in instalments, once a graduate’s income exceeds approximately £14,000* per annum (if he/she is working in his/her own country) or  £21,000* per annum (if he/she is working in Britain). * These figures to be confirmed.

There is a 30 year period in which a loan taken out to pay fees may be repaid. After 30 years any outstanding debt would be written off.


Students may actually pay their fees up front and do not necessarily have to defer although it is expected that the majority will defer for obvious reasons. Parents may choose to pay the fees for their children, although the legal responsibility for paying (deferred) fees lies with students.

The loan is inflation-linked + 3%.


Scholarships may be available. Check the institution’s website for further information.

Students wishing to apply for a loan (and/or bursary) should complete Form EU15N (obtainable from Alan Hallett) and send it to :

EU Customer Services Team, Mowden Hall, Staindrop Road, Darlington, DL3 9BG, United Kingdom

For further information, go to the official government website:

or contact us. We are always willing to help.







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