Derby University Northumbria University University of Central Lancashire Ulster University Coventry University University of Huddersfield University of Wales Trinity Saint David


A large number of other courses are available via third year entry. Look at the University Websites for more details.

Amity University in London

Business Studies

Computing (B.Sc Hons)



Northumbria University

Accountancy & Finance


Business & Finance

Business & International Management

Business & Marketing

Business Creation

Business with Law

International Banking & Finance

International Hospitality & Tourism Management

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Nursing Science

Business Information Management

Working Together with Children & Families

Applied Computing (Final Year)

Mechanical Design Engineering (Final Year)

Mass Communication (Final Year)

Mass Communication & Business (Final Year)

Electronic Design Engineering (Final Year)

Mobile |Communications Engineering (Final Year)

Global Poverty & Development (Final Year)

Look here for further information:

City College, Bolton

HND Business

HND Business with Management

HND Business with Accounting

HND Mechanical Engineering

HND Operations Engineering

HND Electrical and Electronic Engineering

These courses are equivalent to Yrs 1+2 of undergraduate degree programme

Coventry University

European Business Management

International Hospitality and Tourism Management

Wide range of courses available for final year entry, including

Aviation Management

English & TEFL

English & Journalism


Coventry University (London Campus)

Accounting & Finance for International Business

Global Business

Global Marketing

International Fashion Management & Marketing

International Hospitality & Tourism Management


University of Derby

Banking and Finance

Business Studies

Computer Science (BSc Hons)

International Business

International Business & Finance

Culinary Arts

International Hospitality Management

International Nursing (BSc Hons)

Logistics Management

*Joint Honours programme available

*A wide range of final year entry courses also available


Selected Irish Universities and Colleges

A wide range of courses at further and higher education levels available.

London School of Business & Management

Business & Management

LlB (Hons) *

Accountancy & Finance*

*Final year entry

Northumbria University (London Campus)


Business Creation

Applied Computing

International Business & Finance

M.Sc Business with Financial Management

M.Sc Business with International Management

M.Sc Business with Marketing Management

University of Ulster (London & Birmingham Campuses)

Business Studies (B.Sc Hons)

Accounting with Management

Computing Studies (B.Sc Hons)

M.Sc International Business

M.Sc Marketing


University of Huddersfield

Applied Computing (BSc Hons)

Business Accounting

Business Administration and Management

Business and Journalism *

Business Information Management *

Business with Financial Services

Computer Games Design/Programming*


Electronic Engineering (BEng Hons)

Electronic & Electrical Engineering (BEng Hons)

Electronic & Communication Engineering (BEng Hons)

Global Business and Logistics Management

Global Marketing

Hospitality Management

Human Resource Management

Information & Communication Technology (BSc Hons)

International Accountancy

International Business

International Business with a Modern Language

Mechanical Engineering (BEng Hons)

Supply Chain Management with Logistics (BSc Hons)

Travel & Tourism Management *

Air Transport & Logistics Management*

*Final Year Entry


University of Wales Trinity St David (Carmarthen & Swansea Campuses)

Technical Theatre

Normally all other courses available for final year entry


University of Wales (London Campus)

Business Management

B.Sc (Hons) Cloud Computing

MBA (Various)


University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)

Business Administration
Business Studies (Marketing, HRM or Accounting & Finance strands)
Business Studies (Business Information Systems)
Business Information Systems
Business & Marketing
Global Business Management
Computing (BSc Hons)
Software Engineering (BSc Hons)
Computer Network Engineering (BSc Hons)
Electronic Engineering (BEng Hons)
DSIP (BEng Hons)
International Business*
English for international Corporate Communications Ψ
International Business Communication*
International Journalism *
Management in Hospitality
International Tourism Management
Marketing Management
Business & Management (by E-Learning)
Motor Sports Engineering (BEng Hons)
Electronic Design Automation (BEng Hons)
Digital Signal Image Processing (BEng Hons)
Public Relations
Ψ This course also available in combination with a foreign language: Arabic/Chinese/French/German/Japanese/Spanish. Students must have equivalent of 2 years’ higher education in the additional language
* Final Year Entry




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