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If you would like to apply to one of the participating universities in England, then please follow this procedure:

  • You may apply for a ‘top-up’ degree or third year entry  if you have successfully completed, or will complete before the start of the next academic year, at least two years of an undergraduate degree programme (or equivalent). You may also apply, of course, if you have completed three, four or five years of your course.
  • Talk to your parents! You will need the support and co-operation of your family if you wish to be successful in England
  • Consult your tutor. We do not accept applications from students in collaborating universities in central Europe unless their parent university recommends them.
  • Do you have the required English language qualifications? Check with us if you are uncertain.
  • Choose the course that best suits your needs and interests. Remember that there are different types of degree course available

One-year top-up honours bachelor’s degree

Third year entry on to an existing honours bachelor’s degree

Standard three year undergraduate programme (usually most suitable for school leavers)

Diploma courses (most suitable for those seeking professional qualifications)

Postgraduate programmes (eg MA, MSc, PhD etc)

You can find information about all these courses by looking at the website of the relevant university

Undergraduate Applications must be made through the UCAS system. You should first register with UCAS here.

Send your username and password to Alan Hallett. This will enable him to check your application carefully before you submit it. This is most important, because once an application has been submitted it cannot be amended. We can help you complete the application form. Ask if you would like assistance.

If you wish to apply for a government loan to pay your fees or for a bursary, you should complete the appropriate form. Contact us if you need assistance completing the form.

Postgraduate students should print the appropriate application form from the English Oak Recruitment website or use the online form found on most university websites.

Contact us if you require any assistance completing the form: we can help you!

Postgraduate applications should reach us by the 24th July.

Remember to include all examination certificates you have received relating to national examinations (e.g. Matura, GCE etc). If you have not yet taken examinations or have not yet received your results, do not worry! Send the results and/or certificates as soon as they arrive.
Include a reference (or name and address of your referee if one is not immediately available) with your application. Your reference should normally be from your dean/head of school/senior member of staff.
Remember that all documents accompanying your application must be in English or be accompanied by an official English translation.
Send your completed application form, with accompanying documentation, to:

Alan Hallett, Cock Pit Cottage, Lower Hall Green, Rishworth, Nr Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX6 4RA, United Kingdom

Do not send your application to any other address or by any other means. English Oak Recruitment can only help you if it receives your application.

English Oak Recruitment will process your application and forward it to the appropriate university. We will monitor your application and provide assistance if and when necessary.

If you wish to apply for a government loan to pay your fees or a bursary, you should complete the appropriate form. Contact us if you need assistance completing the form.

English Oak Recruitment can also offer advice regarding accommodation, travel and lifestyle issues. We are always willing to help.

Remember that you are not alone when applying to study in England: we are always available to help you in any way we can.


From Dominik Fidor, University of Rzeszow                                  
Everything is going just fine on my side, I have to say that so far my studying at Huddersfield is working out great, I am very happy to have the opportunity to be here. The classes are mostly very interesting, and the tutors know how to catch attention. All in all, I am very content. All the effort was certainly worth it.
As for a word of comment for people who might be keen on the idea of studying in Britain – it is something absolutely mind-opening and different than studying in Poland. A lot depends on a person’s individual attitude to their education, and is utterly helpful in developing independent thinking and analysis of a subject. Or in other words – one practices thinking.
If one is looking for an opportunity to broaden their horizons to a great extent, then studying in Britain is just the right way to achieve it.
Once again, I am very glad to be here. And once again I’d like to express my gratitude for your assistance in making all of this happen. I hope everything is going just fine for You as well.

Best Regards,



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